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"Wicked Chrome - Here to strengthen your identity, not give you one." That's what we believe. No person should feel obligated to wear a certain brand because everyone else is. Let's face it - if you go to a bike rally it looks like the same store threw up in that place. Everyone looks EXACTLY THE SAME!!! I can't stand that, and you shouldn't feel obligated to "just fit in" by wearing the same stuff everyone else is. If you are your own person you wouldn't do it.

Be your own person - have your own style - and for God's sake don't look like everyone else. Our product line offers you that opportunity because you can't buy Wicked Chrome anywhere else other than through one of our state reps at an event. By the way, if you're interested in being a State Rep. send us an email. There's work involved in it, but anything worth while involves a some work.

For the customer,
Founder/CEO - Wicked Chrome