Thanks for stopping by our page. We have some killer new designs for 2014. We'll keep working to always bring new and different designs to market.

Wicked Chrome is "Customer Built since 2011", because customers make us who we are. If Wicked Chrome succeeds it will be because of our customers. So we thank you!!

NOTE: Out of sincere respect for MC's in our home state of Wisconsin and the other states where we have reps, we will no longer offer "state shirts" with Rockers on them. We did not realize at the time they were made that they would be offensive to those MC's, and that's the last thing we want to do as a company. Rockers have a deep meaning to MC's and Wicked Chrome has no intention of conducting business that would minimize the integrity of the Rockers for an MC. We apologize to any MC's we offended with that style of shirt and we will not sell them any longer.

Live Wicked, Ride Safe!
Brent, CEO - Wicked Chrome